Double Star Ranch


 Where Whoopsy Came From:
Whoopsy was actually a bit of a whoops from when I first ever met her... I was instructed under no circumstances was I to get another horse, then I met Whoopsy while out trimming. The owners recently acquired her but, weren't really sure what they wanted to do with her. The next time I was there, I was asked if I was interested, "Ummm... Yes..." I kept trying to convince myself that it was a bad idea but, I am a sucker. After making transport arrangements she came in the spring of 2015 and we started calling her Whoopsy and it stuck.

Whoopsy came to us very unsound and underweight. She was in need of extensive hoof care to correct her lameness as well as free choice feed to allow her to gain weight, after all, she is a Percheron mare and they need quite a bit of feed to keep them healthy.

What Has Been Done With Whoopsy:
Whoopsy was introduced to the herd out on pasture and given weekly to biweekly trims. We have also started working on Whoopsy's ground manners. Whoopsy has also been getting regular stretching. Whoopsy has made significant weight increases since arriving and we are no longer overly concerned about her weight.

After several trims, Whoopsy has improved significantly in her soundness and appears only a couple more trims will be needed for her to become sound, it will take a bit longer for her feet to become 100% rehabilitated.

Things We Have Learnt About Whoopsy:
Whoopsy has not had proper farrier care which has cause her front hooves to be unbalanced, consequently her legs to become crooked, and for her to become sore and lame. We are confident that with continued correct and balanced trimming, Whoopsy will become sound and be a lovely driving/riding horse.

What Whoopsy Needs: 
Whoopsy really needs regular trimming to correct her bad feet. She would also require regular handling and training under saddle and in harness. Exercise on the hills and moving with the rest of the herd appears to be benefitting her.

Whoopsy's Expenses:
Some items that Whoopsy has or will need are:

  • Replacement Farrier Tools large enough for a draft horse
  • Massage/Chiropractic Work
  • Dewormer x2
  • Winter Hay x2
  • Draft Size Saddle
  • Draft Size Bridle