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 At Double Star Ranch, we offer a variety of excellent trail rides. Our rides take you through nature in the best possible way, on a horse! We are always working to increase our trail ride options to have some fresh choices available to you, our guest. Feel free to ask us how we can customize our rides to suit you and your group to make it your very own ride!

All of our trail horses are well trained and have been ridden on the trails extensively before we match you up with them. We put safety first and our knowledgable wranglers will give you basic riding instructions and you will have some time to become comfortable with your horse in a safe environment before you head out with them on your ride. The wranglers will also give you pointers along the way to make the ride more comfortable and enjoyable to both you and your horse.

When you call to book a ride please have each rider's height, weight, and riding ability ready for us. This allows us to be able to choose the most appropriate horse for each person. Please note that riders must be a minimum of 10 years old to participate on a trail ride and Double Star Ranch reserves the right to cancel due to unsafe weather conditions. Remember to check out "What to Bring" prior to your trail ride and that a 50% deposit is required to hold your reservation as per our cancellation policy.

There is a maximum of six guests to one wrangler on every ride and have a maximum of six guests per group. We can currently accommodate up to eight guests at one time (provided all horses are sound for riding) but, do require advanced notice in order to ensure enough wranglers are available for the time of your ride. Larger groups can be split into groups of six and enjoy their rides back to back, with the horses getting a drink between rides. Those waiting can pay a visit to the lake (at your own risk) or enjoy a nature hike.

Don't leave it to the last minute, make sure you can go when you would like by booking your ride today!

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