Double Star Ranch


NAME: JMES Sweetened Sage AKA "Sage"
BREED: Quarter Horse
AGE/D.O.B.: 15 years/May 08, 2000
HEIGHT: Approx. 14.2 HH
SIRE: Blue Colorado Sage
DAM: JMES Surprise Rose
DESCRIPTION: Sage had been used as a broodmare for her entire life until we purchased her several years ago. We started Sage under saddle soon after she came to  us and she has since come to be an excellent beginner horse despite her late start in life. Sage gets used for lessons as well as trail rides.

Last summer Sage only had light excercise as we were expecting one of Trouble's first foals from her. Unfortunately, the foal did not survive however, we did offer Sage out as a nurse mare in the event a poor foal had lost it's mom. Just when we were giving up hope of finding an orphan foal for Sage to adopt, the vet called us as he had the unfortunate task of putting down a mare who had a one month foal at her side. The foal was in need of a mom.

The foal's owners tried one mare who lived closer to them with no luck. We loaded up Sage and took her out to see if she would accept the foal. It was not looking very good and so, I asked if we could bring the foal here instead before hope had been lost completely. After one long night of persitance, I finally had Sage accepting Little Leo as her own baby.

Sage made a very good mom and looked after Little Leo all summer until his owners decided it was time for weaning. Once weaned, Sage became "Aunty Sage" to Juinor, Peppy's foal. She also picked right up where she left off with the riding and was able to go on a few trail rides, though was a bit out of shape.

Next summer, she will be one of the horses we will be using for our kid's camps.

Sage in the Spring of 2013, after a whole bunch of spring grooming!