Double Star Ranch


We will take in horses that need a bit extra care whenever we are able too. Sometimes they just need help finding a new home because their owners can no longer care for them, other times they need quite a bit of hoof care or body work and sometimes they need some training to work through various issues they may have. We would work to get the horse healthy, happy, and sound. Once they are ready to graduate the rehabilitation program, we will access them as to whether they would be suitable for any of our programs or as a personal horse. Should this not be the right fit for that horse's home, we would rehome them to a better suited home for the amount of our costs from the horse's care.

Occasionally we do get horses that would not be able to work through their issues, soundness or unsafe mental issues which are unable to be fixed. In those cases, we would access the horse and either find it a suitable companion/non-riding home or have the horse euthanized dependant on the severity of the condition, the overall health, and the happiness of the horse.

Help support the rehabilitation horses by booking a trail ride for you and your friends and family. While you are here, you can meet our various rehabilitation horses.