Double Star Ranch


 NAME: Playgirls Whim AKA "Coco Chanel" AKA "Coco"
BREED: Quarter Horse
AGE/D.O.B.:  6 years/March 18, 2007
HEIGHT: Around 15 HH
SEX: Mare

PRICE: Available for trade of GELDING of equal training/value
DESCRIPTION: Coco Chanel is a wonderful mare. She has a nice stocky build and is suitable for any level of rider. She is available for trade only as her owner would really prefer a gelding as opposed to a mare.

Coco is responsive and is great on the trails, she is also good in an arena setting. If you want a horse that can do it all, Coco is your girl. We were able to use her for a variety of different riders over last summer including using her for one of our kid's camps. She did wonderfully.

Coco is good in the herd but, is ok to go out on her own as well. She is not a hard keeper and is pretty low maintence. She has nice feet and is good for trimming.

Coco Chanel can be a touch lazy at times and would not be suitable for speed events but, she would be great at so many other things! Coco has been shown in halter and won as a baby as well as worked well as a ranch horse before coming to her current home. Coco's list of potential is long and includes breeding, which you would not be able to do with a gelding.

The gelding for trade would be going to a good home (the owner is actually running a small pony rescue). They should be stocky and queit. They would be used for personal trail riding and possibly the occasional fun day or clinic.  Are you looking for a mare? Do you have a suitable gelding? Let us know so we can talk about the fit!