Double Star Ranch


Where Pinenut Came From:
Pinenut arrived here in October of 2014. She came from a home where the owner needed to disperse her entire herd due to a serious illness. Pinenut had wandered into the owner's pasture about a year before she came to us from off of the range. Pinenut had no handling prior to arriving here other than being shoved in a trailer, left there overnight and kicked out into our small pasture. We were under the impression that there was no way she was in foal, however, we learnt that was not the case and she did in fact arrive here in foal. It has been estimated that Pinenut was between 2 & 3 years old upon arrival.

Pinenut gave birth to a beautiful colt whom we named Thunder in May 2015.

What Has Been Done With Pinenut:
Pinenut was worked with daily since her arrival to teach her that people are not going to hurt her. Slowly I was able to gain her trust and touch her, eventually getting the halter on - a very exciting day! As Pinenut got used to walking on the lead rope, we started going for adventures to keep her from getting bored and to help reduce her edema caused by her pregnancy. It took some time for Pinenut to trust me enough to leave her "safe" zone within her pen but, quite enjoyed going out for walks once she was brave enough to leave the pen with me.

Pinenut's hooves grew in a bit crooked in the time it took to be able to handle her at all but, once we were able to pick up her feet, she was pretty good with all but, one hind foot. She had several trims within a couple weeks on her front hooves in order to straighten them and make her more comfortable when walking around. I found with the reaction I received with picking up her fourth foot - the left hind hoof - that she was sore and picking it up caused her pain so, she started getting visits with Cyndi Bird of Open Gaits. Pinenut has had several short visits with Cyndi which have made it more comfortable for her to have her feet picked up and trimmed and helped work out some of the body issues she developed surviving and becoming pregnant so young.

Pinenut did become a bit distrustful and protective of her new baby once Thunder was born and would lead him away from us for the first several weeks. We have now regained Pinenut's trust but, have to also gain Thunder's trust as well now. He is slowly getting curious but, very quick and pretty wary of us still.

Things We Have Learnt About Pinenut:
Some things that we have found with Pinenut is that she is very smart and a quick learner. She is a wonderful and protective mom of a baby boy and she does have a few body issues to work look after. When the grass started getting shorter, we noticed she was starting to drop some weight (which she shouldn't have been) and so, we gave her extra feed to help but, found that she was dropping quite a but of grain and will need to get her teeth looked after.

Pinenut was bred by a standardbred stallion and so, Thunder is a standardbred cross colt. Thunder is quite feisty and will need to be gelded ASAP.

What Pinenut Needs:
Pinenut needs to learn that people are good to be around and that children aren't as crazy as she thinks they are. She would also need to get her teeth looked after so that she can ore easily maintain her weight. She will be started under saddle ASAP.

Thunder would benefit from someone sitting with him, allowing him to sniff them and just being around him so that he can learn to trust people like his mom has been. He will also need to be gelded once he is able to be - able to be handled and his testicles have dropped.

Pinenut's Expenses:
Some items that Pinenut & Thunder has or will need are:

  • Dental Work for Pinenut
  • Gelding Procedure for Thunder
  • Additional Minerals
  • Massage/Chiropractic work
  • Mare & Foal Feed
  • Potentially some Reiki for Thunder
  • Dewormer