Double Star Ranch


Where Mandy Came From:
I kept seeing an ad for Mandy repeatedly and finally clicked on it. Something about Mandy drew me in and I found myself talking to her owner. The same day, I was told to make an offer on her - which was accepted. Mandy was on and off lame which was why she was being sold. We were told she had been used for barrel racing and gymkhanas. Mandy came home in September of 2014.

What Has Been Done With Mandy:
Mandy had her four shoes pulled off shortly after arriving and a trim soon after that. Mandy started being getting massage/chiropractor treatments soon afterwards. We were given daily exercises to do with Mandy to speed up her healing, these were usually done at least twice a day. Mandy also wore multiple blankets depending on the temperature to help her muscles relax and keep her from being overly sore from the cold weather.

Because Mandy was fairly sore, she had a hard time maintaining weight so, she was put into the "special needs" pen for the winter where she was given extra feed in order to gain weight. Once the grass was established, she moved back with the main herd in order to be able to have free choice grass, she even spent some time at the neighbour's eating down their long pastures.

Mandy has been cleared for riding and we are excited to get working with her!

Things We Have Learnt About Mandy:
Mandy appears to have gotten into an accident of some sort although we cannot confirm this. She started with a rotated pelvis and still has a hunter bump that should continue to decrease as she continues with her exercises and gets working.

She is a very sweet mare and gets along well with the herd.

What Mandy Needs:
Mandy mainly needs massage and chiropractor work. She also needs regular trimming to prevent any issues forming because of her hooves being unbalanced.

We will find out soon what she is like under saddle.

Mandy's Expenses:
Some items that Mandy has or will need are:

  • Winter Blankets (around size 76-78)
  • High Fat Grain
  • Winter Hay
  • Massage/Chiropractor  Treatments
  • Dewormer