Double Star Ranch


 Name: Junior 
Age/DOB: 1 year old
Height: Between 14 & 15 HH - still growing!
Breed: Solid Paint
Sex: Gelding
Price: FREE, although contributions towards his gelding fee would be appreciated
Description: Junior is available to the perfect home as he does have some ringbone developed in his left front leg. The vet has recommended having it x-rayed in the spring to check on the progress of the fusing. Based on research and talking to the vet about it, once the ringbone has fused,... it would no longer be an issue, however, when/if it fuses is unknown. It is suspected that it is a result of an injury that Junior likely obtained over the winter. He is able to be lead and is pretty good to trim his bad foot but, would need work on tying (have not even tried as of yet) and picking up his other three feet as he was too sore to pick them up. He has not been favouring his bad foot as of lately and so, it has potentially fused already.
Junior is very friendly and gets along well with other horses. He was gelded about 2 months ago and is fully healed from the operation and back in with the herd. I am offering Junior as a companion horse at this time, with potential to be a riding/driving horse down the road should he be sound.
I will be asking for his future owner to sign a contract, terms negotiable.