Double Star Ranch


Our training program is customized to each individual horse to meet the needs of the horse and the goals of their owners.  We know that not every horse will learn the same way or at the same pace so, using gentle techniques and working with trust we work at a pace that best suits the horse. With every horse though, we start from the ground up to build a strong foundation that will serve as a base for any further training the horse receives.

We focus on ground work so that your horse is relaxed through out the entire training process. Our training has had a positive effect on nearly every horse we have worked with, including creating a happier, healthier horse who is able to trust it's handlers.

At Double Star Ranch, we are able to work through issues your horse may have, start or restart your horse, or just give them miles, we can even train your horse to drive*! We train all of our saddle horses using western tack and teach them to be soft in the mouth, easy to bridle, as well as saddled and mounted from either the left or right side. As soon as we feel that your horse is ready, we will take them out on the trails to keep them engaged throughout the training process. We will alternate trail days with arena/round pen days, preventing boredom and keeping your horse actively learning throughout the entire training process.
*Tack must be supplied for horses in training for driving.

Included in training is:

  • your horse's board
  • hay and grain
  • barefoot trimming
  • 1 lesson per week your horse is in training - must be used during the week of training

Training Fee: $500 per month