Double Star Ranch


We currently offer Pasture Board, with many facility improvements planned to happen in the near future. The horses living at Double Star Ranch are treated like family. We work hard to maintain high quality of care for every horse. Our aim is to make Double Star Ranch a haven for horses. 


The horses will live in a group on large pastures, which are rotated as required. Each pasture has lots of space for everyone to move around, access to fresh water, and plenty of natural shelter. Horses kept in the pasture will not have hind shoes to minimize injuries inflicted upon each other and will all be dewormed at the same time (at owner's expense). They are provided with plenty of feed year round, whether it is grass in the summer months or hay in the winter.

Included in pasture board:

  • access to trails
  • use of on property facilities
  • hay when needed
  • daily checks
  • thorough weekly checks 

$150 per month


Co-op Board is available, please contact us for details.


We have many extra services that can be taken care of for our boarders. This is a list of a few services we are able to provide. Please contact us if you require something that is not on the list and we can see what we can work out.

Hoof Trimming............ $40 per trim

Done in barefoot style and on a as needed basis, usually every 5 weeks.

Doctoring.................... Variable

Minor doctoring can be done at no charge, however additional, more time consuming procedures would be looked at on a case by case basis.

Grooming.................. $10 per session

We know not everyone can make it out on a regular basis all the time. If you cannot make it but, you would like your horse brushed out, let us know. We can schedule them for daily, weekly, or monthly grooming. They will get to experience the massaging action of the rubber curry comb, have the loose hair and dirt brushed off their coats, manes and tails combed out, as well as getting their feet cleaned (provided they will safely pick them up). Great way to keep your horse being handled when you can't make it out, especially during shedding season.