Double Star Ranch


Opening Day Fundraiser Trail Ride

We will be opening on May 12, 2018 we plan to open our season with our fifth annual fundraiser. In the past we have raised funds for various, well-deserving causes. This year we are bringing our focus back home and as such we will be fundraising for the Rehabilitation Horses that we currently have in our care along with future horses that will come into our care. 

We often get calls, emails, and messages asking if we can take in a horse in need. Sometimes the horse simply needs a new home and the owners are unable to locate that home for them, sometimes they have a behavioural issue, sometimes they have been neglected, and sometimes they need hoof repairs done. Many times, it is a combination of these things that leads the owners to bring them into our care. We love being able to help the owners by taking in these horses and giving them a second chance, whether that be with us or finding them their very own family. However, we have gotten pretty stretched out the last couple years by taking these guys in. This is where your help would come in.

One thing that prevents us from being able really commit to each horse that comes in is finances.  Each horse comes with its own set of unique needs and it costs an average of $900 per horse for one year of very basic care but, we all know that most require more than basic care. The additional expenses can come in the form of medical, additional feed, specialized housing/facilities, massage or chiropractic work, and so much more. We are looking forward to providing many more horses a second chance in the future. 

We have had a great time out on the trail and a delicious lunch, followed by a yummy BBQ Dinner in previous years, thanks to all of the wonderful sponsors who donated towards the meals and the prizes! We are looking forward to a fun filled day raising even more funds to be able to continue our work with the rehabilitation horses. 

Once again, we are planning an all day ride followed by a BBQ dinner. You will be able to choose to ride one of our wonderful horses for the day or bring your own (a limited number of personal horses will be able to attend) and a picnic lunch will be included, which we will be enjoying along the trail. Don't worry about your experience as we have horses for total greenhorns to old cowpokes. If you are unable to join us for the trail ride, you can register, collect pledges and join us for the dinner only.

We will be taking a scenic ride up the mountain. This trail is full of gorgeous views of the valley and lake below. We will be riding for about 6 hours, with a stop for lunch and a chance to stretch your legs along the way. After the ride, you will have some time to rest and relax before our BBQ Dinner of Chicken or Steak is ready to enjoy. 

The registration fee is only $20 to reserve your place with on of our horses, $15 to use your own horse or $10* should you choose to only attend dinner while still collecting pledges. Once your registration fee is received along with your form, we will send you your pledge sheet so that you can start collecting your pledges. A minimum of $100 is required to join us this year but, don't stop there as there will be some prizes and you can win for the most pledges collected!!

*For those wishing to join us for dinner only but, do not collect a minimum of $20 in pledges, you will be required to pay an additional $20 for the BBQ Dinner.

Would you like to sponsor this years trail ride? We will be looking for lunch items, dinner items, prizes, as well as smaller items for our gift bags. Whomever sponsors will be posted on the website with a link to their website/Facebook page and can add something to the gift bags. If we acquire enough prizes, we will be running a silent auction once again as we did for the past two years!

What will it cost you?

  • $20, $15, or $10 registration fee
  • some time to collect your pledges (min. of $100) 
  • a day to spend having a blast

What will you get?

  • a great time out on the trails
  • a delicious lunch & dinner
  • to support a great cause
  • a chance to win a prize or two
  • a goody bag to take with you when you leave

  • 2014 - $1,184 raised for My Little Pony Rescue Horses.
  • 2015 - $1,557 raised for Support Richard Chuckie Smith and Family
  • 2016 - $484 raised for The Barriere Splash Pad  
  • 2017 - $445 raised for Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue


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