Double Star Ranch


Double Star Ranch Fundraiser Trail Ride Registration Form

Each individual will need to complete a registration form to register.

You will receive your pledge form once your registration form and fee is received by Double Star Ranch.

Are you a male or female?

Please rate your riding ability (please be as accurate as possible)

Please Review the Information Below Prior to Registering.

Please Review Prior to Registering:

A registration fee of $20 is required for all participants requiring a horse and $15 is required for those bringing their own horse with a recommendation of $200 in pledges. A registration fee of $10 is required for those wishing to be placed on the wait list.The registration form and fee must be returned by May 31, 2017 while pledge forms and pledges must be in by June 4, 2017 at check in time.
Spots on the ride will be given on a first come first serve basis so book now!

Cancellation Policy:
In event that you are no longer able to Double Star Ranch’s Fundraiser Ride, you will be refunded your fee less $10 if Double Star Ranch is notified by May 31, 2017. The refund will be made upon the return of your pledge form. Please inform Double Star Ranch as soon as you realize you will no longer be able to make the ride on June 4, 2017 in order for those on a waitlist can attend.

Wait list:
For those on the wait list, you must fill out the registration form including your height, weight, and riding ability and return it with your $10 registration fee. Once your registration has been received by Double Star Ranch, a pledge form will be sent to your address so that you may begin collecting pledges. All wait list members are eligible to compete for the participant with the most pledges. In addition all wait listed participants are invited to attend the BBQ to be held at Double Star Ranch following the ride. It is recommended that you are prepared to join the ride as cancellations may occur at the day prior to the ride.

Payments can be made by cash, check, or email money transfer to All checks should be made payable to “Vicki Maddocks” – The person/organization will be given one total check once the total amount has been collected.
Registration fees are due by May 31, 2017 and should be turned in with your registration form. Fees are as follows: to reserve a horse with Double Star Ranch = $20; to reserve your space with your own horse = $15; to join the waitlist = $10.

Your pledge form will be sent to your address or available for pick up once the registration and registration fee has been received by Double Star Ranch. All pledge forms and pledges are due on the morning of June 4, 2017 at check-in time. In event that you are no longer able to attend, we ask that you return your pledge forms to Double Star Ranch. It is recommended that riders reserving a horse with Double Star Ranch collect $200 in pledges and those bringing their own horse collect $150 in pledges, however more pledges are encouraged.