Double Star Ranch

NAME: Freckles
BREED: Appaloosa
AGE.: Around 19 - 20 years old
DESCRIPTION: Freckles is one of our oldest horses and one of the horses that has been here the longest. He was originally purchased as part of a dude string (the only one still around here now). He actually spent some time out at Sundance but, they didn't have enough understanding of him and got rid of him, lucky for us! He was a little bit spooky when he first arrived but, with some time spent working with him, he has become one of the most requested horses we have - everyone LOVES Freckles!

Freckles has got some quirky traits like the itchiest belly ever! He would do anything to get some scratches on that itchy belly on hot rides, beware if riding Freckles you may find yourself on top of a small shrub, of course Freckles would be there too! Don't worry, he just wants to itch that belly of his. He thinks he is a stud out in pasture and will often have a steady girlfriend - right now it is Ruffles, they've been "dating" for some time now.

He is an absolute sweetheart though and will look after his riders! Everyone loves to ride Freckles, especially once you know him. Freckles is pretty round and not very athletic but, what he lacks in athletic ability, he makes up for in heart. Freckles with give you everything he has and then some!

All in all, Freckles is Awesome made Awesomer!
Enjoying a nice afternoon in the summer sun. Thank you to Kyra Marie for the lovely photo!