Double Star Ranch


Where Canelle Came From:
Canelle has had a long journey to get to us. She was actually originally rescued from a trail ride venue in Montreal, where she was not cared for properly (I also suspect abused) however, as she felt better her rescuer found her to be too much horse for her. She was then sold to a friend of the rescuer who had her hauled to her parent's property nearby. She later moved to our neighbours' pasture so that she wouldn't have to be alone. When it was found that her then owner did not have enough time for Canelle, our neighbour's made a deal that I would work with her to see is she would be suitable as a second horse for my neighbour. Unfortunately, she was found to be very spooky and after a fall, it was decided Canelle would not be a suitable horse due to her tendency to be spooky (scared easily) and that she was much more sensitive of a horse then the horse they had already. I fell in love with Canelle's beauty when I first saw her and asked if she didn't work the neighbour, if we could purchase her. She moved over to our pasture in October 2013.

What Has Been Done With Canelle:
Canelle's first summer was spent gaining her trust and allowing her to learn that she can trust us and enjoy being with us. Unfortunately, she did have an incident that caused her to move backwards in her training and it took until winter in order to gain her trust again - when scary, strange people were no longer trespassing through our horse pastures. Over the winter, we worked at having Canelle allow us to walk up and give her scratches and loving, which she was comfortable with by the end of the winter.

After a summer of slow progress, we are back working with Canelle for her second summer here. I do know that Canelle is very well trained as I did work with her at the end of the summer of 2012. We have had a handful of rides on Canelle which she has been enjoying although she has been a bit nervous and tense to start off with.

Things We Have Learnt About Canelle:
Some things that we have found with Canelle is that she does have some hoof issues which cause her to be a bit sore periodically and she has required some equine massage to sort out some sore areas in her body. She is also more afraid of her handlers than of the usual things that would normally cause a horse to spook.

What Canelle Needs:
The biggest benefit for Canelle would be for her to be taken out lots so that she is able to learn that things aren't so scary and we are fun to be around. She also needs some proper trimming to help her feet feel better as well as massage to keep her body feeling comfortable and pain free.

Canelle's Expenses:
Some items that Canelle has or will need are:

  • Equine Massage
  • Replacement Farrier Tools
  • Dewormer
  • Horse Crunchies
  • Hay over the Winter Months