Double Star Ranch


We are a small family orientated business that is full of heart, every animal and person that comes on our property leaves a bit behind. We take in rescues and help horses build up confidence and let their personalities shine through. Much like the personalities of the people that work here.

Everyone here plays a part in making Double Star Ranch the nurturing place where people can come to unwind and feel like one with nature. Vicki is the heart of the operation, being the main trainer and wrangler of the ranch. Kerri is the entertainment by the end of the ride you will know and treasure the horse you rode like you have known it all your life. Isabel and Alayah help us see the wonder and beauty in all the many horses that are here, they encourage us to keep on helping the horses in need. So while the ranch is small we are full of heart and welcome horses and people with open arms, we want you to feel that when you come here you are one of the family because with out you there is no Double Star Ranch.

We are looking forward to being able to show more of our passion throughout our operation with the changes we will be making throughout the year. Come on by to say hello and check out all the amazing changes that will be going on!